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6 reasons why your social media platforms need to be well-branded

Social media is a great tool to share your business with the world. However, having a social media account isn’t enough to get you noticed – you need to be well-branded. Having a well-branded visual presence not only attracts followers to your content but it provides a marketing opportunity for your business which can result in business growth. Here are 6 reasons why your social media platforms need to be well-branded.

1. Be seen amongst the crowd
Social media feeds are a bit like a ‘Where’s Wally’ book! More than 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day. While your social posts aren’t competing with all of those photos and videos, it’s easy to blend into the crowd of content. How do you stand out? By having a consistent visual vibe and branded templates, your audience will more likely spot your posts on their feeds. Your content should be memorable and stop the scroll.

2. Brand consistency = more revenue
To be remembered, you need to have consistent branding. This means using consistent colours, fonts, imagery style and branded templates. Having consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%! Brand consistency builds trust and shows you have considered your audience. If you’re using adhoc colours, fonts and images, it causes a disconnect for your audience and they won’t recognise you, trust you or do business with you.

3. Build a community
Unfortunately, you have less than 4 seconds to capture somebody’s attention when they land on your profile page. They’ll judge your images and if they like what they see, they’ll follow you. If not, they’ll leave your feed and maybe never return. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about building a community that connects with you and trusts you, and a community that connects with you and trusts you is one that is more likely to buy from you.

4. Your vibe attracts your tribe
Bad brand aesthetics causes 52% of consumers not to buy from a business. When somebody lands on your feed, you want to ensure you clearly show what you do and who you work with. This can be done using colours, fonts and images that attract your ideal audience. If you’re a wellness business with calming vibes you need to visually show this aesthetic – use light calming colours, elegant fonts and images that make you feel calm and relaxed. Draw your dream clients in!

5. Colour is emotive
People make a subconscious judgement about a product/service within 90 seconds of initial viewing and between 62% and 92% of that assessment is based on colour alone. Colours are emotive and using colour psychology can be a defining factor as to whether you reel in or repel your dream clients. Having a brand colour also improves recognition by over 80%. Your feed should use colours from your brand colour palette to create harmony.

6. Custom content is key
You may have seen the same image used multiple times on social media by various accounts and many businesses using generic templates with preloaded colours and fonts which has them blend into the sea of sameness. 78% of consumers trust brands that produce custom content, compared to generic content. Having your own unique brand and custom templates is your point of different and helps you to stand out.

So to recap, visuals are powerful. Using consistent colours, fonts, imagery style and branded social templates will build trust, help you to stand out and be different, attract your dream clients and inspire your audience to be a part of your online community and do business with you – which is what we all really want for our businesses. I’ve just launched a new social bundle which includes social media templates and your brand colours, fonts and templates added to Canva Pro so you have a professional social style that you can manage yourself. Contact me via email and let’s get your social media well-branded!

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